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Archives - February 2016


Science of Flight Module

3rd grade students completed the PLTW Science of Flight Module. To reinforce the topics learned in the module, students visited the New Orleans Lakefront Airport. They explored the historic airport, visited the original control tower and walked to the hangar to view several planes. Our students discussed the differences among the planes and compared different …


Primary School Mardi Gras Project

As the 2016 Mardi Gras season approached, the primary school students participated in the “Mardi Gras Project.” It began with brainstorming theme names and krewes. Students voted on their favorite name, joined a krewe, and the Holy Cross Super Hero Parade was born. Each krewe conducted preliminary research by incorporating their knowledge of parades, watching …


4th Grade Math Masters

4th grade students are using fraction tiles to understand the meaning of equivalent fractions. They realized that many fractions have other fractions using different numbers that represent the same number. Our next lessons will include using multiplication and division facts to find equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, finding the greatest common factor and the least common …