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Archives - September 2016


Kids in Business!

This past week the fourth graders studied persuasive articles. The essential question that we focused on was “How can starting a business help others?” After reading informational texts, doing research, and discussing, the boys worked collaboratively in their creative writing center to come up with their own businesses. They had to learn how to work …


HC Teacher, Lisa Englert, Named To CityBusiness Ones To Watch

Lisa Becklehimer Englert is certified in elementary grades 1-6 and middle school science grades 4-8 and has been teaching science in both the middle and elementary settings. She is currently teaching science to grades 2-4 where she is implementing an integrated science curriculum using the Full Option Science System Program and the Project Lead the …


Pre-K Butterfly Watch

The Pre-K boys are very excited about their new classmates, monarch caterpillars! During the week the boys have been observing the caterpillars and watching them grow as they munch away on milkweed. They are also learning about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and have enjoyed different activities around this theme. The boys are …


Religion Classes

We had a very productive week in the religion classes despite the short week due to the Labor Day Holiday. Last week, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades chose their class pope. The class pope is given the job of leading the class in prayer for his two week papacy. We held a conclave and each …


Application Process

Applications Open: September 5, 2017 Priority Application Deadline is December 15, 2017. Priority Notification Letters will be mailed January 5, 2017.   To Apply First, complete the online application and pay the application fee. Next, turn in the following materials to the Admissions Office or upload during the online application: Current report card from this year •   …


Tower Building

Second graders are exploring solids as part of the FOSS Module: Solids and Liquids. They observed seven different solid objects and discussed the properties of each object. After learning about the properties of the objects and the materials used to make solid objects, the boys read about famous towers found around the world. Using this …


Primary School Holy Cross Man of the Month

The Holy Cross Men of the Month for September have been chosen! These boys were chosen by either their classmates or teachers because of the good qualities that they portray that are what a Holy Cross Man strives to be. Some of their friends and teachers said that they were “good listeners”, “good friends”, “kind …