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Archives - October 2016


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Kindergarten began their study of all things bugs by discussing what they already knew about creepy, crawly things, which ones they had actually seen in nature, and then comparing them through different characteristics. From there, each boy studied books, searched the internet, and scavenged the play yard for a particular bug they wanted to become …


Third Grade Engineers

Third graders became engineers in Science class. The boys were given a problem along with a set of criteria and constraints. They had to build a cart that would roll using the given materials and a twenty minute time limit. Working together in pairs, the third graders successfully designed and built their carts. They then …


First Grade Centers

First Grade is off to a great start this school year! The majority of instruction in First Grade takes place in small group centers. We have language centers and math centers, so the boys visit 8 centers a week, consisting of 3 or 4 students! This allows for individualized, one-on-one instruction on a daily basis. …


The Primary School Takes on Cross Country

The 3rd and 4th grade boys competed in the Primary School’s first ever sporting event. The Primary School Cross Country team ran in the Holy Cross/Dominican Cross Country Meet on September 24th at the City Park course. The team had an outstanding first race with several top 10 finishers. The team competed in another race …