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Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fees 2017-2018
Grade Level Tuition General Fees
Pre-Kindergarten $7,950 $1,600
Kindergarten through 4th grade $6,900 $1,600
Non-Refundable Registration Fees New Students Returning Students
$750 $500
*Note: Additional fees may be incurred for particular courses, such as Band or AP courses. These fees will be assessed at Book Day in August.
SMART Tuition
Tuition and fees are paid through SMART Tuition. Holy Cross School offers two payment options:

  • Payment in full by May 28 (if you pay in full, there is no additional fee)
  • 11 installments paid from June through April (this option incurs a payment processing fee of $350 per family, which must be paid by May 28)

SMART Tuition requires every family to set up automatic payments with either a credit card, debit card, or checking/savings account (ACH). There are two due dates offered – the 5th
or the 15th of each month. Families will select their preference during the registration/enrollment process. Late fees are assessed by SMART Tuition for payments not received by the
due date. For more information, visit www.SmartTuition.com or call 1-888-868-8828. The Holy Cross School code is 13642.

Early Payment Discount
Families who pay tuition and fees in full by April 1 will receive a $150 early payment discount (per student).
Multi-Student Tuition Discount
Families with two or more registered students will receive a $150 per student discount on tuition.