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What is a Math Master?

Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade boys are quickly becoming “Math Masters” thanks to Niki Fuller and the entire faculty at Holy Cross Primary School.  What is a Math Master? He is a boy who learns about numbers and their relationships to each other and the world through exploration and experimentation. Our older Primary School boys …


The Legacy of Holy Cross Education

Holy Cross Primary School Director Belinda Baker and math teacher Niki Fuller attend the Mission Seminar at St. Edward’s University, June 17-21, 2015. The Mission Seminar is designed for administration, faculty, student leaders, student activity directors and campus ministers from the Holy Cross schools across the United States. The goal is to develop a wider …


A Strong Start to a Great Education

In keeping with the mission and values of a Holy Cross education, the Primary School will educate the minds and hearts of the young boys entrusted to us. We are a project-inspired school, promoting imagination, creativity, exploration and discovery. The school offers a curriculum that includes core subjects with a strong emphasis on STEM instruction. Religion …