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4th Grade Project Lead the Way Class

The fourth grade is currently working on the PLTW module, Input/Output Computer Systems. This module compares a computer to the human brain. The boys learned computer programming skills to code a brain fitness test that could be used to diagnose concussions. The boys were curious about concussions so Phil White, Director of Sports Medicine at …



The second, third, and fourth grade students wrote descriptive paragraphs on winter for their weekly writing project. The boys learned that descriptive paragraphs are written using many adjective and also appeal to the five senses: touch, smell, taste, see, and hear. After writing their rough draft in the writing center, the paragraphs were proofread and …


Thoughtful Choices are Smart Choices!

Making helpful, safe, wise, and kind choices were the talk of Pre-K last week. We started off the week by reading a story about making good choices, and how we need to think before we choose what to do. Next, we brainstormed different ways that the boys can make thoughtful choices at home and at …


Project Lead the Way

Second, third, and fourth grade students are becoming excellent computer programmers. Each class is currently working on the Project Lead the Way Computer Science module. The boys complete an “unplugged” activity to help them learn how computer programs work. Once they understand basic programming, they will all create a computer program using Scratch, Jr., Hopscotch, …


Parts of Speech: Adjectives

This week the Kindergarten boys added adjectives to their knowledge of the Parts of Speech. We began with a review of nouns and verbs, which led us to using adjectives to describe nouns. After making a list of the adjectives they know, to further their understanding, the boys sorted through different noun cards, placing them …


Honor Roll

Primary School High Honors 2nd Grade: Mason Bohne II, Brock Breaux, Luke Davis, Colin Johnson, Roman Landry, Jacob Ragusa, Gregory Ruiz III, Gabriel Suarez, Harrison Swift. 3rd Grade: Hiep Duong, Nicholas Dupre, Jack Fabacher, Jude Feaheny, Brody Giglio, Sage Greco-Leblanc, Jacob Guichard, Korry Hill, William Imbornone, Jackson Koenig, Matthew Krail, Noah Kraus, Andrew Launey, Erik …


Go Noodle at Home

O a milk shake! O a milk shake! A sticky sticky waff e! Have you heard your boys singing silly songs recently? You may think the words make no sense! However, while listening to these songs, they are learning! Gonoodle.com is a website we use during rainy or cold days that teaches the boys math, …



The 4th grade students have been working on understanding the Distributive Property of Multiplication. They typed on a Google Doc an explanation as to HOW one would go about using the distributive property to multiply a number that was given to them. The 3rd grade students have been working on understanding the concept of multiplication …


Festival of Trees

The Primary School has entered a tree in the Festival of Trees at the Louisiana Children’s Museum. The tree is called Tinkering Tigers. Our future engineers collaborated to create a structure that represents both the unforgotten past and bright future of our beloved school. We would like to thank Becky Fos for volunteering to help …


Third Grade for President

This past month the third grade class learned all about being president. In their Language Arts class they focused on a unit that incorporated historical fiction readings, discussions, political vocabulary, and writing. As a writing assignment the boys explored what it would be like as President of the United States. They wrote about what they …

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