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Boys Will Be Boys – And We Love Them For It

Boys Will Be Boys – And We Love Them For It

At many schools, the saying “Boys will be boys” is heard by teachers as a lame excuse for misbehavior. At Holy Cross, we know “Boys will be boys,” fully accepting, supporting and embracing “typical” boy behavior.

Educating young men of New Orleans since 1849, and as of 2015, being the only Catholic school in New Orleans for boys grades Pre-K through 12, we have historically and progressively succeeded in molding confident, independent and inspired young men. We know an all-boys education has many advantages and at Holy Cross Primary, we have the ability to…

  • Design a curriculum to meet the needs of boys and their appropriate developmental expectations.
  • Hire faculty who understand – and appreciate – the different learning styles of boys.
  • Appreciate the humor, curiosity and high-energy of boys.
  • Cultivate a sense of confidence and sensitivity while developing their own identity free of gender stereotypes.
  • Offer facilities and manipulatives designed for boys – larger classroom spaces, books with boy themes, FOSS kits and iPad technology.
  • Celebrate the camaraderie and respect built in the classrooms, on the athletic fields and in the community.

You can learn more about Holy Cross Primary educational philosophy in our navigation tabs above – “About” and “Programs.” You can search the web, scouring for data to help you make a decision for an all-boys learning environment. One of our favorite articles can be found below, reprinted with the permission of Old Times, copyright 2003, Upper Canada College.

Boys to Men: A Journey of Excellence